Teaching French

There are many job opportunities for bilinguals in Manitoba especially in Education. FSL teachers are in demand all through the province, with many postings for FSL teachers in either long term, short term or occasional positions, at all levels.

This project serves to enhance the recruitment and retention of French Immersion teachers and teachers who teach French courses (in the English program).

Through informative and interactive presentations, youth:

  • are encouraged youth to learn more about, seriously consider, and ultimately choose to embark upon the career path(s) of teaching in French (French Immersion), or teaching French (English Program) courses.
  • gain awareness with regards to teaching in French and teaching French, as career options that are viable, worthwhile, personally enriching and rewarding.
  • better understand the positive impact that they can have (as French teachers), on future generations in Canada, a country where French is an official language.

Additionally, information sessions are available that:

  • impart knowledge to parents, teachers, guidance counselors and post-secondary educators about teaching in French and teaching French as career options, so that they are better informed as mentors to give guidance/direction to their children/students.
  • encourage discussions between post-secondary institutions, with a view to them working together to assist in addressing the shortage of qualified French teachers.

"To book a presentation, or information session, contact Alexandra Dénommée at:
204-222-6537 or
[email protected]

Learn about the importance of learning and teaching French, as well as the pathways to a successful career in teaching the language.