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Choosing to provide your child with a bilingual education is an important decision. Whether you are considering enrolling your child in the French Immersion program, or simply looking for information on French-second-language (FSL) learning opportunities, French for Life is proud to support parents of FSL students.

Discover why bilingualism is so vital in today's world, what you can do to help your child and what current research is saying about the importance of bilingualism. Get answers to your questions, learn where you can turn for support or start your own journey towards bilingualism in Canada's official languages!

Homework Help

FSL Homework Help Toolbox

A French-second-language resource for parents and students, created by the Rainbow District School Board in Ontario.

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Online French Tutoring

Online French Language Tutoring provides access to highly qualified and certified teachers who can meet your student on a regular basis to work on improving their French language reading skills together.

Sam Amuse - French for Life games